Photo Prints Giveaway


Unlike previous occasions this time I distributed prints a much larger size.  8×10 this time compared to 5x7s of last give away.  I ordered my prints from (formerly snapfish in India) but I was a bit disappointed with the quality.  May  be I need calibrated monitors or someone at the lab didn’t bother to color correct my prints.  Some of the images looked really pale.  But looked just fine on my computer screen. My local shop does a better job than that.

Anyway, I had gifted one my cousin’s portrait prints to him which was still lying in his folder because the framing is a little on the higher side.

So we took this as an opportunity to create our own photo frame.  It became our own little DIY project.  Please excuse the quality of the pictures here as these were shot under a tubelight with the camera phone.

We started with two A4 size white papers to work as background.  A white chart would have been better but we were trying to work with whatever was available right there.  Lazy people.


Remember not to glue anything yet.  We’re still measuring everything and cutting and putting them together for the final assembly.


The black chart paper which was a bit thicker than the normal paper helped create the outer border of the frame.  Four frames are cut out of this chart such that when they are put together they’ll lock each other into the frame.


Two A4s are glued together to make the background on a cardboard for a firm surface.   Make sure you’re measuring the borders so that the photograph is aligned perfectly at the center.  After checking the alignments start gluing the pieces one by one and then the photograph at the end.


We used the cut out waste from the black chart paper to create this hook and pasted another border on it to secure it.  Now you can mount it on a wall.


Here’s the final product!  Priceless.

Chhath Festival


Chhath festival

We celebrated the Chhath Festival last month.  The crowd seems to only get bigger and bigger each year.  There was no question of carrying my camera while I was participating in the festival with my family and such rush.  But I did have my phone with me which I took out at the last day of the festival and took some pictures while being in the middle of the action.  I took this photo while everyone was eager to get into the water for the final ritual that involves worshiping the rising Sun.  This picture I thought captures a moment perfectly.  The moment where a woman is waiting ,eagerly and little lost, for her turn amid the crowd of other fasting devotees.

Happy Diwali

Canon 1100d, f5.6, 1/15, ISO 100, bare flash hand held on camera left

This Diwali was one of the best I have ever had.  This was also my little baby’s first Diwali so the excitement was there too.

While checking out lights on my house I saw my nephew riding his bicycle.  He’s one impatient little one.  I could have gotten a better frame than this but he was on his routine patrol checking out the street while it was flooded with lights.

Grand Ma


This is my grandmother’s sister.  So my grand mother too.  She was visiting us after a long time and the last time she was here I didn’t think I’d see her again.  But she’s doing well for her age and it was nice seeing her again.  She reminded of my grand-mother who I miss.  I regret not having the opportunity to make her photos.  So when her sister came  home I couldn’t let this opportunity pass.


Sleepless in Delhi

Some days on an evening an idea comes to your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it.  You find it difficult to sleep because you can’t wait for the next morning to execute the idea. The brain suddenly is on steroids.  You can’t wait to go and execute that idea and see if you’re able to pull it off and make it exactly like you thought it would look.

And then there are some other reasons that give you sleepless nights.  Equally exciting.  My little one here has slowly started to get into a normal routine of sleep but on most days sleep is an alien word for her.  First 3 months were a No-Sleep zone for both of us.  It feels like an automatic transition from being a kid ourselves to being parents.  This experience makes us think about the sleepless nights we must have given our own parents.  And that kind of gives us strength to hang in there.  Even though there are times we find ourselves struggling with no sleep the excitement overpowers any struggle.  This new change also has brought in us even greater appreciation for what our parents did for us.  I have now started feeling guilty for being such an ass at times when I think of all the trouble I gave my parents when I was a little kid.  I wasn’t a great kid to have.  My elder brother was and still is the favourite for he was the most obedient and responsible kid in the family.  I’m the one with the stories.  And I don’t feel too proud of them.

When my wife tried to put a blanket over Soumya to see if that could make her think about going to sleep, an idea came to mind and I grabbed my camera and the flash handheld above the blanket making the blanket behave like a large softbox.  3rd photo below was made having the flash bounce off the wall on the left while the first one with a toned down power just enough to give a night time feel while the baby is wondering about something.  I wonder what, if at all, kids think about at this tender age.







Me Thinks

If you ask the great photographers who are also very nice  human beings they would want me to think there’s nothing called a professional photographer or an amateur or a hobbyist.  They’d want me to believe in my art and think of myself just as a photographer irrespective of where I am technically or otherwise.  As long as I’m making intentional photos.  I know it’s unfair but when I look at their work and where I am I start to imagine a black and white movie scene where a dark street probably in 1940-50s, urban environment,  filled with people with dark tall buildings on both sides of the road, side walks are hardly visible because on the road (the ground level) are the photographers like me who haven’t found themselves and are lost somewhere in the crowd.  Everyone has a camera. Starry eyed I’m looking at photographers in the buildings by the window of their rooms (higher level) are only a few.  They are busy doing their work, sipping the coffee, reading their books and can be easily recognized even by their shadows.

So when some times I wonder about what I should be photographing next I unfortunately miss to see the most important parts of my life right there in front of my eyes.  My family.  How about documenting my kid’s growing up years.  I fear once she starts walking and make friends she’ll have less time for her dad.  Until that happens I try to capture the moments that involve her so to create memories that she’ll hopefully cherish when she looks back at her photos.











The Kite Guru

Shot with Canon 1100d, f5.6, 1/160, ISO 400

Shot with Canon 1100d, f5.6, 1/160, ISO 400

And the fears are back.  This time in a good way.  In the last post I shared some feelings.   On bad days those fears are a source of disappointments.  But on good days same reasons are a source of inspiration for the next thing.  A source to keep the fire going.

It’s one of those feelings when we were a child and couldn’t wait to go for that picnic trip next morning.  The excitement gave us sleepless night.  Same feeling when an idea comes in head and you can’t wait to see the results of the efforts.

The photo above required more efforts than I thought it would.  The idea was to create a simple levitation portrait.  I was on a ‘sick-leave’ but the cousins had a  busy schedule plus it had already started raining. So we had to move quickly.  His elder brother held flash just above the head from camera right with no diffusion. Not by choice as the time frame was too short for a setup and the incoming rain wasn’t helping.  Fired away a few shots and this was the result after spending a good hour on the system.

I didn’t do a great work in photoshop as I’m still new to it but I do think this is a nice by-product of the experimentation.  Hopefully you’ll see more coming.

Take care