Ugly is Good

PS: Generally a PS comes at the end but I have to put it at the top so you don’t fry your brain out to serve me with cold beer. This is just meant to be funny.  If it’s not your cup of tea, ignore it ever happened to you like that day when you […]

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We shouldn’t live with regrets. This isn’t News to anyone. I try and live that by accepting failures rather than not trying at all. I’d rather feel the pain of having failed after trying something than the agonizing pain of having not tried at all. But I do have two regrets. Number one that still […]

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50-Portraits – Portrait #42

My nephew and his friend needed a portfolio made for an assignment.   Took this photo out of the shoot for the 50-Portraits Series. Those interested. Shot with the Canon 6d Mark 2 85mm lens at f2.8, 1/125 ISO 100.  One light with a reflector bouncing off the lights.

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Meditation and Yoga are worldwide rage right now. I do yoga once a …. never mind. But I experience meditation differently. I’ve tried to meditate the traditional way and it’s not easy. It takes time and patience. I hear about the benefits of meditation so much that I’ve developed fear of its benefits each time […]

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Run Forrest Run!

Addiction of anything is said to be bad.  Running can also be an addiction but it actually ends up benefiting us.  Once you start running you can’t stop.  Even if you think you want to you’ll end up doing another lap. Recently my friends and I organized a corporate run.  Here are some of the […]

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