Udaipur Trip 2018

Note: This is not a photography blog.  This is a journal of a long due post from my vacation back in 2018. I didn’t realize it’s been sitting in my drafts for so long.

I took my family to the longest road trip we have done so far.  About 1300 Kms from Delhi to Udaipur and back with a stopover at Jaipur.  I could have driven straight to Udaipur thanks to the excellent highway but since I was with my kids I didn’t want the trip to be tiresome. So keep it relaxing we had decided we’ll stay overnight at Jaipur and start early morning for next 400 km from Jaipur.

Again because it was a family vacation and the uncomfortable aspect of carrying a DSLR I didn’t carry my camera. I think I’m going to buy myself a nice little pocket digital camera for family trips but that purpose is also served nicely by camera phones these days with their quality.

About an hour away from Jaipur we stopped for a quick breakfast.

We reached Jaipur an hour before our check-in time. It was a nice property booked from fabhotels.  The room was comfortable and in the evening we went out for our evening tea and then dinner.

We left Jaipur early morning and reached Udaipur. This was for the first time that I was staying in a home-stay. It was nice home-stay but I’d prefer a hotel next time. Especially when you’re traveling with kids you need service on call.

For the next couple of days, we explored different parts of the city. I really liked how clean it was compared to Jaipur. My kids especially enjoyed the evening puppet and cultural show at Lake Pichola’s. Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed. For cameras, you needed to get an extra ticket but I hadn’t taken it.  Kids and I absolutely loved the show. We were in the front row and it was all happening right in front of us on the floor.

On our way back we made an unplanned detour to the famous Chittorgarh fort which was now more famous thanks to a recent movie. Again amazing architecture makes you wonder what it must be like when these buildings were in their full glory. Despite being destroyed by invaders they still carry their aura.

We returned and stopped for a night stay at Jaipur. Thanks to our stop at Chittorgarh we arrived at dinner time in Jaipur.  As soon as we arrived we hit straight to bed and slept like kids.  Next day morning we started our journey back home and reached around 3 pm in Delhi thanks to traffic jam right outside Delhi border.

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