Monthly Photo

One of the things I look forward to at least once a week is making a portrait of my kids that I will add to my page where I’m trying to document their growing up years.  The page looks like below. Just browsing through the page once a while gives me nostalgic feelings already.  I can’t believe these little creatures are growing up so fast. Now they can have full conversations with me when only a while ago they were struggling to utter a word.

In today’s time when the world is facing the challenge of Co-Vid19 and having to stay indoors, I think this can be a great personal project that you can start if you are looking for ideas for your next photography project.


Gear used: Camera – Canon 6D MkII

Lens – 85mm f1.8



Stay safe and follow the guidelines shared by authorities.  Stay positive and keep yourself determined to fight this virus.

Take care.

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